About CREGG International

Are you one of the 90% of International businesses with sales between $10 million and $100 million that have little or no sales in Europe? CREGG International  follows a “solutions    through partnership approach” to enable Medical Technology companies establish a presence in Europe by providing access to a range of services, delivered by an experienced team of professionals based out of Ireland.

The CREGG International team and associates have a successful track record with a range of Medical Technology companies, from Global Leaders to Small & Medium sized companies.

We seek to leverage our experience, facilities and network to develop solutions to meet client specific needs, through:

  • Planning, design and implementation of new solutions
  • Representation and  management of your business in Europe
  • Added value in terms of quality, cost and customer service

A brief summary of our capability is provided over.

To learn more about how CREGG International can help you grow your business in Europe, please contact:

Mr. Fergus Fleming
Vice President of CREGG International

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

CREGG International is a specialist provider of supply chain solutions. We know how to deliver excellent customer service, cost savings and competitive advantages to our clients.

CREGG International helps manage your supply chain by providing state-of-the-art warehousing, full inventory management,
and a complete hubbing operation.

We provide transport solutions for our customers, whatever their needs;

  • We have freight accounts and relationships with all major national and international freight forwarders to cover both long-haul and short-haul journeys – air, sea and road (including cold chain as required).
  • We are flexible enough to provide individual transport solutions tailored to suit your particular requirements.

We have a full suite of back office and customer services capability to ensure smooth business operations.

Manufacturing & Value Added Services

Printing, Packaging and Localization of Finished Goods
In the increasingly demanding and complex international regulatory environment, we can provide solutions for your localization needs. Cregg International have extensive in-house printing capability and have access to a range of translation, printing and packaging providers to enable us to deliver the right solutions for you.

Kitting and Assembly
We can manage your process from sourcing of components to shipping to customers. Our facilities include access to cleanroom environment and sterilization service providers, where required. Our highly trained and flexible staff ship hundreds of thousands of parts per week. We have an excellent Quality and delivery record.

Control of Purchased Materials
CREGG International can offer your organization bespoke solutions to the time consuming aspect of purchasing and supplier management processes. We can provide you with quality inspection to the highest standards that will allow you to concentrate on manufacturing. We can take in your parts, inspect, store and ship them to you as required.

Additionally, we will evaluate, monitor and report on supplier performance in accordance with your needs.

Automation and Value Engineering
Develop new products or improve existing products or processes utilizing Cregg International relationships with Automation Engineers, Design Engineers, Academic Research Centers and Clinical Networks. Where required, we can repair and refurbish your valuable medical equipment and instrumentation.

Sales & Distribution

CREGG International has access to a range of service offerings that collectively give you complete turnkey solutions to enable you win your share of the lucrative European markets. Through our partner company, Cregg Medical ( or through a network of specialized medical devices distributors, Cregg International can assist you, including:

Marketing expertise to assess the likelihood of your product succeeding in Europe, so you can avoid expensive mistakes.

Sales people and the sales channels to bring your product to market quickly – no frustrating delays.

Technical and customer service resources to support your product offering so that you don’t have to operate in a multilingual environment.

Control the movement of your product from your suppliers to our warehouse and onward to your new European customers so that nothing is lost in translation.

Quality & Regulatory Compliance

Cregg International helps Medical Technology companies obtain regulatory approval to sell products throughout Europe and can assist you with a wide variety of quality and regulatory activities, including:

Development of systems and processes in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements, including Medical Devices Directive (93/42 EEC and ISO13485).

Review of all existing documentation in support of meeting the applicable Essential Requirements of the Medical Device Directive and compilation of the EU Technical File or Design Dossier.

Interface with notified bodies and competent authorities as required including acting as European Authorized Representative.

Ireland: Location of Choice for Medical Technologies

Ireland is the second largest exporter of Medical Technologies in Europe with exports of $10Billion and also serves as a gateway to the European Medical Technologies market which exceeds $80 Billion. With over 25,000 people employed in the sector, Ireland is home to leading global companies and the best Technical & Managerial talent. Cregg International can assist you in availing of a number of benefits of doing business in Ireland, including:

A competitive 12.5% Corporation Tax on all trading activities, with a comprehensive Double Taxation treaty network, combined with a range of other tax advantages such as Research and Development tax credits and patent royalty tax exemptions.

The Irish government grants assistance to support and elevate Research and Development.

Located in the Shannon Free Zone, our clients can avail of favorable import duty.