About CREGG Group

From its humble beginnings in 1993, the CREGG Group has grown to its current strong position by offering a diverse range of products and services to a broad customer base. Our most recent venture, CREGG European Sales, has been in operation for four years. CREGG European Sales presents a turnkey business solution to US companies that want to establish and grow sales in Europe. Situated in Shannon, Ireland, CREGG European Sales is perfectly positioned to be the beachhead for American companies planning to generate profits in Europe by developing a strong European presence.

The CREGG European Sales team presents to you a wealth of knowledge and experience from a broad range of backgrounds. Collectively, we offer vision, professionalism, integrity, and operational excellence to make you proud to have us as your partner and virtual presence in Europe.

Who are we

Edmund Jennings is the CREGG Group’s founder and Group Managing Director. He is a university graduate with 20 years’ experience in managing his own company. Prior to setting up the CREGG Group, he held key positions in quality, operations and marketing in US and Irish multinationals. Edmund creates the vision and direction for the entire group while staying actively involved in the management of its integral parts.